chom cafe and restaurant

Chom Cafe and Restaurant

Location: 2 13 Moo 2 Somphot Chiang Mai 700 Pi Rd, Mae Hia, Mueang Chiang Mai 50100

On the outskirts of the city and set amidst a photogenic moss garden complete with waterfalls and ponds, Chom Cafe is an understandably popular spot. Big windows bring this fairy tale scene into the two dining rooms. The menu offers mostly Thai cuisine, along with some Western dishes, but don’t miss the excellent cakes and coffee. Reserve a table ahead of time if you plan to come between 11am and 5pm, otherwise you can expect a long queue.

Chom Cafe & Restaurant is a beautiful garden cafe. If you come to Chiang Mai it’s a must visit. If you are a kind of personality who likes to take the heart to rest among green garden atmospheres than this is your place. Clouded by the sound of water flowing, many small and large trees, the smell of moss and ferns will make you feel like on drugs. The important thing: this place is not far from Chiang Mai city. Do not miss the Chom Café & Restaurant, which has a beautiful tropical Thai (Moss Garden) garden with food and relaxing music. Let your heart flow with the stream in this beautiful garden place. “Chom” is for the locals the abbreviation for Chiang Mai.

In addition to the beauty of the garden, Chom Cafe & Restaurant offers great food and beverages. Start with the “Chom Ginger Lemon” drink to refresh yourself with lemongrass extract. Or try the “Chom Purple Latte”, a purple potato drink with sweetness of fine honey and a shot of coffee soft  Latte foam, all a a special recipe of the shop.

chom cafe and restaurant

Continue on the menu with a classic: Spaghetti Carbonara, served with carbonara sauce, freshly simmered, plate-by-plate. Crispy Bacon mixed with Parmesan cheese and raw egg yolks will let you melt away. Also do not miss the BBQ: grilled pork neck comes with a spicy sauce. Pork tenderloin, marinated with specific spices and herbs.

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