kanomjean san pa khoi hiso lanna

Kanomjean San Pa Khoi (Hiso Lanna)

Location: 11/1 Thongkam market  Tasatoi Alley, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50000

Not just the Chiang Mai’s famous Kanom Jeen Nam Ngeow, they let you choose whatever kind of soup/curry you want to go over your noodles from green curry, Bangkok-style coconut milk curry, spicy red curry, to spicy beef curry, all for 20 Baht! Don’t like noodles? They got you covered; you can get it over rice for just 10 Baht extra.

This place will give you the nostalgia of being in a school cafeteria. You get in line, decide what to order from the menu, tell the vendor what you want (or point at it, no biggie), take the food, pay, grab utensils, and find yourself a table.

Oh, there’re also all-you-can-eat fresh vegetables for you to put on the noodles or on the side. And don’t forget to put away your stuff when you are done, remember, it’s like a cafeteria.

This is Fiat’s aunt’s favorite place to get noodles that would later become his favorite. His story is that the first experience with this place was 5 years ago when his aunt took him there.

Back then he thought his aunt made pretty good Nam Ngeow, so he went with no expectation. Plus, 20 Baht (75 cents) for a bowl of noodles sounded questionable.

kanomjean san pa khoi hiso lanna

Khao soi and northern Thai sausage may get all the press, but the dish most beloved by natives of northern Thailand just might be humble khanom jeen, thin, round rice threads. Open since 1977 and located in a market during its off-hours, this place serves the noodles with five different curry-like toppings. Northerners beeline for nam ngiaw, a bolognese-like mixture of minced pork and tomatoes, but the central Thai-style coconut milk curries are also delicious.

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